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Books by Jinx Pyle


RODEO 101- HISTORY OF THE PAYSON, ARIZONA RODEO covers 1884 to 1984. Read about old Payson, where gambling, steer-busting, chicken pulling, and even the manufacture and sale of White Mule were commonplace long after they were outlawed in the state of Arizona.

“The Pyle’s research includes interviews with hundreds of people, the reading of countless old newspaper articles, books and old rodeo programs. Read about some of the fastest short-distance horses in the world who ran down Payson’s dusty main street. And the betting? Some of those cowboys would bet the ranch on a horse race. The Payson Rodeo started as an annual event in 1884 making it the World’s Oldest Continuous Rodeo and there is overwhelming evidence, both oral and written, that documents this truth. Jinx & Jayne have not only uncovered and preserved the true history of the Payson Rodeo, but they have captured its changing spirit throughout the years, from the first rodeo held in the Mid-Town Pasture in 1884, to the present day. This book is a must-have for rodeo fans everywhere!” ~ Anna Mae Deming

Payson Rodeo founder, Charlie Meadows is featured in this book, along with George Cline who roped and tied the first calf in Madison Square Gardens, Champion calf ropers Dale Smith and Joe Bassett, World Champion Trick Rider and Roper Nancy Sheppard, and Six-time World Champion Women’s Bull Rider Tammy Kelly. 8 ½ x 11 inches - 205 pages - 375 photos - Soft Cover - perfect  binding - laminate cover - index. $30, includes shipping. A special Hard Cover Edition is available for $100, includes shipping.


TONTO LINGO is a collection of history, stories and culture of Tonto Basin cowboys, with a foreword by Austin Haught and told in the lingo of the Mountain Cowboys. It is a companion work to Pyle’s bestseller, Mountain Cowboys. People featured include Dale Cline, Bernard Hughes, Walter Cline, Joe Haught, Zane Grey and Florence Packard.  8 ½ x 11, 172 photos, index, perfect bound, laminate cover. $30, includes shipping.

LOOKING THROUGH THE SMOKE addresses the causes and effects of the Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Program, forest fires, including the Rodeo-Chedeski and Dude Fires of the Mogollon Rim Country of AZ and addresses the policies of the US Forest Service, environmentalists, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Ranchers, cowboys, and people associated with true western culture will appreciate the guts of this book. 6x9 -  107 pages  - perfect  bound  - laminate cover. $18, includes shipping.

RAWHIDE RANAHAN (music CD) is a collection of 10 western songs, all written and performed by historian, author and musician, Jinx Pyle: All-American Cowboy, Midnight Desert Wind, Buckle Bunny Boogie, Nightrider’s Song, Rawhide Ranahan, Where’d the Cowboys Go, Liberated Woman, Walk By Again, Candy From My Baby, and Take A Ride. Backup music by the Booher Family.

 “A  ranahan,” said Pyle “is a top hand, a master of the cowboy skills necessary to tackle the toughest job, jump into the most dangerous situation and handle it. His pride in his ability is paramount. Other cowboy names associated with this attitude are “curly wolf” and “rainy.”


The PLEASANT VALLEY WAR, also known as the Graham-Tewksbury Feud, was fought from 1882-1892 mainly in the Tonto Basin of Arizona which is bounded on the north by the Mogollon Rim, the south the Salt River, the east by Canyon Creek and the west by the Mazatzal Mountains. “During the 1880s the entire north-central Arizona Territory Including the Mogollon Rim country and the desert town of Tempe were under lead and smoke confrontation between the sheep raisers and the cowmen, the Hashknife Outfit and the homesteaders, the horse thieves and the Mormons, the cinch-ring artists and the ranchers. To add a little fuel to the fire, a few bronco Apaches could be counted on to keep everyone on their toes. Men rode with their rifles in hand and the tie-down loops off the tops of the six-gun hammers,” says author Jinx Pyle in his latest book, Pleasant Valley War. Seven generations of Pyle’s family have called the Tonto Basin home giving Pyle an understanding of the culture that spawned the Pleasant Valley War that no outsider can grasp.

This book includes historic Pleasant Valley War maps and helpful GPS coordinates.  8 ½ x 11 inches - 160  pages - perfect  bound – laminate cover. $30, includes shipping. Also available in CD set (6) for same price.

Official Arizona State Historian, Marshall Trimble says “Jinx Pyle is a walking encyclopedia of information on events in Gila County, Arizona and now he’s written a history of the notorious Pleasant Valley War – one of the most complex and vile blood feuds in America’s history. But parts of the Pleasant Valley War have never been told and Jinx brings many new facts to light. Pyle’s history of the Pleasant Valley War is destined to become one of the definitive works on the subject.”


FALCON FOX is a historic novel is set in the Mogollon Rim country of AZ, and features a young cowboy quick-draw artist who gets crossways with the government when it chooses to make his cattle allotment a wolf re-introduction location. This is a sequel to Pyle's, "Blue Fox, War to the Knife."  Another book written in the style of Louis L’Amour! 6x9 -  205 Pages  - perfect  bound – laminate cover. $18, includes shipping.


In BLUE FOX - WAR TO THE KNIFE authentic western and cowboy lore unfolds in a gripping adventure of a young man, Blue Fox, who is driven from his birthright in Georgia onto the southwestern frontier where he quickly finds the girl of his dreams. Continued pursuit from a greedy family forces him to seek refuge with a forgotten band of Chiricahua Apache who live high in the Sierra Madre of Mexico. If you like Louis L’Amour, you will like Blue Fox.   6x9 - 288 Pages - perfect  bound - laminate cover. $18, includes shipping

MOUNTAIN COWBOYS is set in the Mogollon Rim and the Tonto Basin areas and tell of four generations of Pyles - Elwood, Floyd, Gene, Jinx and families. They hunted the mountain for lion and bear to protect their cattle which ranged from Star Valley to East Clear Creek, north of the Mogollon Rim. Jinx captures not only the history, but the logic, irony, guts, lore, and humor of the Pyle family and those who hunted with them, including the author, Zane Grey. Included are over 180 photos, an index, and a map.  8 ½  x 11 inches - 139 pages - perfect bound - laminate cover. $30, includes shipping.

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