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Jinx Pyle - Cowboy Entertainer

Jinx Pyle is a walking history book of Arizona’s Mogollon Rim Country. He can trace his lineage back through seven generations of Arizona ranchers, lion and bear hunters, packers, prospectors, bootleggers, cowboys and other men of common sense. He has cowboyed and hunted with the best and personifies the cowboy culture. Jinx is also a singer, songwriter, cowboy poet, trick roper, historian and story teller, all of which he combines in his acts. For most of his life Jinx made his living with cattle and horses in much the same way as his great-grandfathers. If you are looking for authentic cowboy entertainment, he is the man to contact.

Jinx Pyle will speak on Arizona history, tell cowboy stories, play his guitar and sing original cowboy songs and/or recite original cowboy poetry for your group.

Speaking Topics
  1. Wild cattle and wild Arizona cowboys
  2. The history of the Payson, AZ Rodeo
  3. Hunting Lion and Bear with hounds
  4. Zane Grey Under the Mogollon Rim in Arizona
  5. Floyd and Gene Pyle, Mountain Cowboys
  6. Crowder, a horse born 100 years ahead of his time
  7. Causes and effects of forest fires in Arizona
  8. Pioneering under the Mogollon Rim
  9. Cowboy Humor
  10. Introduction of the Mexican Gray Wolf
  11. The Tonto Basin, final stronghold of the Apache in the USA
  12. The Pleasant Valley War
Jinx has written ten original cowboy songs for a CD titled Rawhide Ranahan. On it he sings the songs that tell the history and culture of the West. The songs include Rawhide Ranahan, Buckle Bunny Boogie, All American Cowboy, Midnight Desert Wind, and Liberated Women. They are great to listen to and for dancing. See the Book Store for this CD.  

Jinx also sings many other cowboy songs. He played in western bands for thirty years.

You can book Jinx for your event or contact him with questions comments and/or requests at his email address:
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