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Jayne Peace Pyle - Woman Of The West

is the story of a Comanche Medicine Woman. “A poignant and stirring tale that combines real-life history and imaginative storytelling that vividly and beautifully honors the Comanche medicine women. "Based on the true-life story of her 3rd-great grandmother, this novel has amazing insight into the Comanche way of life. A warm and wonderful story." ~ Actor Ricky Schroder (NYPD Blue, Lonesome Dove, The Champ). Book is 6x9 inches, perfect bound, 256 pgs, easy-to-read type.  $18, includes shipping.

Jayne Peace-Pyle has captured the art of historical storytelling in Muanami- Sister of the Moon. Using both fact and fiction, she has intricately woven her fascinating characters through Texas history from 1836 to 1854. Muanami, the quintessential mother and grandmother, gives all for her family. This Comanche medicine woman endures the same struggles as women from all cultures and all times. Her family comes first. She never gives up hope of finding her daughter, Little Doe, a warrior woman, who disappears after the Battle of Plum Creek in 1840. With the help of Uncle Teeka Dead Horse, Muanami raises her granddaughter, Shining Star, and her adopted white son, Henry. Her family learns that rabbit stew is good for the soul, and Muanami is always there with a bowl to offer. Jayne Peace-Pyle allows the reader to witness the heart-breaking tragedies and struggles, the comical moments, and the fierceness and hardiness of the Comanche People in this adventuresome novel. Muanami, Sister of the Moon, will hold your attention and make you want more.
 ~ Marguerite Noble (Author, Arizona CultureKeeper)


features recipes from the Grand Lady of the Rim Country, Anna Mae Deming, in honor of Arizona's Centennial 1912-2012. Historic recipe collection by Deming, a 2004 Arizona State CultureKeeper, compiled by a 2005 Arizona State Culture Keeper, Jayne Peace-Pyle. Foreword by 2004 Arizona State Historian, Marshall Trimble. Includes recipes from Anna Mae’s Ogilvie and Goodfellow families who settled the Tonto Natural Bridge of Arizona, and from many of her friends who lived in the Payson area, such as Theresa Boardman, Lena Chilson, Lily Chilson, Mayte Barkdoll, Sis Haught Martin, Verda Childers Pyle, Polly Brown, Sarch Corder Pyle, Birdie Neal Hale, Valda Beard Taylor, and Mae Herron Lazear. Recipes include Potato Cake, Fairy Cakes, Tamale Pie, and Vinegar Pie. This book also includes Anna Mae Deming’s family history and many photos of her family. Anna Mae was born in Star Valley, AZ in 1916, she was married at the Tonto Natural Bridge in 1933, and she died in Payson, AZ in 2008 at age 91. She was a National Weather Observer for 60 years. Book is 5 ½ x 8 ½  inches, 204 pgs, easy-to-read type, index, spiral binding and laminate cover. $18, includes shipping. 



CALF FRIES AND COW PIES is a true representation of Southwestern cooking where Native American, Mexican, and Anglo cultures blended to give us one helluva culture. Jerky gravy, calf fries, frijoles, flour-sack biscuits, Apache cornbread, son-of-a-gun stew, vinegar pie and cow pies are just a few of our old recipes. Also included are old-time remedies, humor, and a special Christmas section. 5½ x 8½ inches, 170 pgs, easy-to-read type, index, perfect bound, laminate cover. $18, includes shipping.


COOKING FOR ZANE GREY UNDER THE TONTO RIM is a historic recipe book Jayne Peace Pyle created for the dedication of the replica of Zane Grey’s Cabin on October 15, 2005, Payson, AZ. Little was written about the mountain people who guided Zane Grey on bear and lion hunts and prepared his meals. Recipes, genealogy and histories of the Bowman, Ogilvie, Haught, Ellison, Cline, Boles, and Pyle families are included. Haught and Pyle family members served as hunting guides and camp cooks for Zane Grey. Recipes include Zane Grey’s Elk Heart Pie, Acorn Bread, Sorghum Pie, and Brains and Eggs. Also includes information on the Dude Fire which burned Zane Grey’s original cabin under the Mogollon Rim,  Natural Remedies, How to Make Candles, 52 photos including ones of Zane Grey and his Japanese cook George Rakahashi. 6x9 inches, 172 pgs, index, and laminated cover. $18, includes shipping.


provides a rare look at the women’s lives during one of the bloodiest feuds in American history. Jayne Peace Pyle had painted a picture of the hardships, fears, and isolation the women endured. Pyle used legal records, family histories, and the history of the war itself to tell the women’s stories. Some of the women included are: Lydia Tewksbury, Mary Ann Tewksbury, Bertha Tewksbury, Lizzie Rose Samuel, Annie Melton Graham, Susan Smith Ellison, and Mary Blevins. Easy to read type, old photos, perfect binding, 8 ½ x 11 inches, 184 pages, and a large index. $30, includes shipping.

“Jayne Peace Pyle’s roots grow deep in Arizona’s Mogollon Rim Country and there’s no person better qualified to write this definitive book on the woman of Pleasant Valley.”  -Arizona State Historian Marshall Trimble

- Gisela is a part of the Old West. This carefully-researched book includes the history of the Salados (900 AD) and the Apaches in the Tonto Basin (1500 AD), the first white settler David Gowan who later found the Tonto Natural Bridge, the early Mormon settlers, cattle ranchers, livestock brands, family histories, school records, water rights records, miners, cemetery records, musicians, more than 300 photos from private collections, a name index of over 1,900 entries, original Gisela place names, a map, and many other facts. 8 ½ x 11 inches – 144 pages -  perfect bound – laminate cover. $30, includes shipping.

Author Marguerite Noble who wrote the foreword said: “Jayne is a progeny of several of the first families in Gisela. Motivated by her love for her heritage and a compelling feeling to save the past as it really happened, she has preserved valuable Americana. Posterity will acknowledge appreciation for her chronicles.” 

COWBOY CAVIAR features black beans – the “Caviar” of Cowboys. Good and healthy! Includes recipe for basic Cowboy Caviar to be used as a salsa or a dip, plus Cowboys Caviar Burgers, Cowboy Caviar Dogs and more. Also featuring many more recipes of the Southwest, including a Mexican Food section, a Salad section, many Main Dishes and lots of Desserts. Pyle first planned this cookbook for her grandchildren who are “going off into the world to seek their fortunes.” She wanted them to have the basics and the family recipes, plus new recipes. Also included is a section on How to Make Your Own mixes, Soaps, etc. Recipes include Coca Cola Chicken Wings, Seven Up Biscuits, Better Than Anything Cakes, Rootbeer Float Bundt Cake, Easy Peach Cobbler, Cake Mix Cookies, Sprite Apple Dumplings, Chalupa, Posole, Soda Pop Ice Cream, Apple Enchiladas, White Chicken Chili, and Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas. Book is 5 ½ x 8 ½  inches, 168 pgs, easy-to-read type, index, spiral binding and laminate cover. $18, includes shipping.

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