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Jayne Peace Pyle "Woman Of The West"

Jayne Peace Pyle grew up on the Peace Ranch in Gisela, Arizona, and was part of a working cattle ranch for 50 years. She has ridden many roundups and has helped with bringing in wild cattle, branding, and shipping. If she wasn't part of the roundup crew, she was in the kitchen preparing meals for them. Jayne has also enjoyed going on lion and bear hunts.  A fifth-generation descendant of Gila County pioneering families, Jayne has lived what she writes. Due to her lineage, she has a deep respect for the history and culture of the Southwest. She has heard the stories of people and places from her family and others like Glenn "Slim" Ellison and Marguerite Noble, who were close friends and mentors. Jayne is an outstanding researcher and genealogist who specializes in searching out and writing Arizona history.

"To this day most of the stories of the West are written about men," said Jayne. "Woman, as a pioneer, is still pictured standing beside her rougher, stronger companion – man. That is fine, but there are many untold stories about the courageous women who helped settle the West – some without the help of men – some in spite of them." Jayne Peace Pyle loves to tell the stories of the Women of the West.
Some of her stories include:
  1. Lillias Goodfellow
  2. Mary Ann Tewksbury
  3. Lou Neal Pieper
  4. Elizabeth Rose
  5. Josephine Bean Harer
  6. Ellen Neal    
  7. Mary Blevins
If there are other stories or songs you want to hear, ask Jayne! Some of her songs include:
  1. Wildwood Flower
  2. Old Paint
  3. I Never Shall Marry
  4. I’ll Fly Away
  5. Women Across the River
  6. How Great Thou Art
  7. Amazing Grace
  8. Daddy Frank

Arizona CultureKeeper: Jayne was awarded the Arizona CultureKeepers Award in 2005 and she served on the Arizona CultureKeepers State Committee. She is also an Official Town of Payson Historian, along with her husband.
Sharlot Hall Award: In 2012, Jayne Peace Pyle received the prestigious Sharlot Hall Award, given by the Sharlot Hall Museum in Prescott, Arizona. This award is given to a woman who contributes to Arizona and its history.

Git A Rope! Books

In 2002, Jayne Peace Pyle and her husband, Jinx Pyle, created Git A Rope! Books.

Contact Jayne with questions comments and/or requests at

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